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Friday 29/05/20 – 2020/0220  5 St Johns Close Crawshawbooth Rossendale Lancashire BB4 8AR  Householder: Erection of boundary fence 0.9 metres high on top of exising stone wall boundary

Friday 22/05/20 – 2020/0212 121 Goodshaw Lane  Crawshawbooth  Rossendale  Lancashire  BB4 8DJ. Approval of Details reseved by Conditions 3 (external conditions), 4 (landscaping scheme), 5 (vehicle access surface, sealing & drainage) 6 (vehicle access), 7 (draing of foul & surface water) and 8 (contamination A3 NTS technical information) pursuant to Planning Approval 2019/0067

Friday 15/05/20 – 2020/0205 4 Middlegate Green  Loveclough  Rossendale  Lancashire  BB4 8PY. Householder: Two storey side extension and part two storey part single storey rear extension

Thursday 07/05/20 – Nothing in (y)our area

Friday 01/05/20 – – Nothing in (y)our area

Friday 24/04/20 – 2020/081 – Goodshawfold Farm Cottage  Goodshawfold Road  Loveclough  Rossendale  Lancashire  BB4 8QS; Householder: Ground floor side extension, roof pitch alteration and insertion of two dormer windows to facilitate the creation of a first floor space, repositioning of window and door openings, external render and associated landscaping including perimeter paving and patio area. 

Friday 17/04/20 – Nothing in (y)our area

Thursday 09/04/29 – 2020/0155 – Land Adj Goodshaw Vicarage  Goodshawfold Road  Loveclough  Rossendale  Lancashire. Full: Construction 1 self-build 3-bedroom home (Resubmission of Application 2019/0366)

Friday 03/04/202020/0003/TPO

Folly Terrace Goodshaw Lane Crawshawbooth Rossendale Lancashire – Trees indicated on the attached plan are a mixture of self-seeded trees of varying maturity. They have all seeded in the masonry on the bridge adjacent to Folly Terrace thus threatening the integrity and safety of the said structure. There is some difficulty identifying the species at this time of year, but all are deciduous. All trees have been indicated on the attached plan with a “G” reference indicating their approximate girth. As stated, the trees have all self-seeded into the masonry of Folly Clough Bridge and have caused some damage to the same. If left, the structure of the bridge will become unstable according to the attached report. The tree indicated in red on the plan requires immediate attention, those indicated in blue are less threatening but still substantially so. Those marked in green pose lesser threat at present but if left, they will do so in the future. The overall plan is to remove the trees. No replanting is planned as this will be counter-productive to the preservation of Folly Clough Bridge. 2020/0146 – Goodshaw Baptist Church, Chapel Street, Crawshawbooth, Rossendale, BB4 8BS. Full: Single storey front extension and additional car parking facility

Friday 27/03/20 – Nothing in (y)our area

Friday 20/03/20 – Nothing in (y)our area

Friday 13/03/202020/0113 Land On The South Side Of Commercial Street Loveclough Rossendale Lancashire. – S.73 Application: variation of conditions 2 (approved plans) and 4 (materials) of Planning Permission 2019/0400, to alter slab level by 0.7m and change facing materials, windows, rainwater goods and roof slate size 2020/0117 Goodshawfold Farm Cottage Goodshawfold Road Loveclough Rossendale Lancashire BB4 8QS Householder: Ground floor side extension, roof pitch alteration and insertion of two dormer windows to facilitate creation of first floor space, repositioning of window and door openings, external rendering, the construction of a detached single storey garage and associated landscaping including a patio area and driveway.

Friday 06/03/20 – Nothing in (y)our area

Friday 28/02/20 – Nothing in (y)our area

Friday 21/02/20 – 2019/0582  Pinner Cottage  Pinner Lane  Crawshawbooth  Rossendale  Lancashire  BB4 8UE – Listed Building Consent: Urgent Repairs to the building including internal walls and roof repairs. Reinstatement of window openings. Internal alterations including removal of stairs and a section of wall to the ground floor. Installation of new heating system including underfloor heating. Insertion/ reinstate the porch and installation of gates. 

Tuesday 18/02/20 – 2019/0551 Notification of appeal; 3 Greenfold Cottages, Goodshaw Lane, BB4 8DP – Conversion of outbuilding to a dwelling including construction of an extension, with associated works.

Friday 14/02/20 2020/0058
1 Loveclough View Loveclough Rossendale Lancashire
BB4 8QJ. Removal of existing Conservatory and erection of single storey side extension

Friday 07/02/20 – Nothing in (y)our area

Friday 31/01/20 – Nothing in (y)our area

Friday 24/01/20 – Nothing in (y)our area

Friday 17/01/20 – Nothing in (y)our area

Friday 10/01/20 – Nothing in (y)our area

Friday 03/01/202019/0586  3 Thirlmere Way  Loveclough  Rossendale  Lancashire  BB4 8QE  Front extension and enlargement of side window. 

Friday 27/12/19 – RBC Christmas close-down – no planning notifications processed

Friday 20/12/19 – Nothing in (y)our area

Friday 13/12/192019/0551  3 Greenfold Cottages  Goodshaw Lane  Crawshawbooth  Rossendale  Lancashire  BB4 8DP  Conversion of outbuilding to a dwelling including construction of an extension, with associated works. 

Friday 06/12/19 – Nothing in (y)our area

Friday 29/11/192019/0549 4 Minor Street  Crawshawbooth  Rossendale  BB4 8PB Single storey rear extension 

Friday 22/11/19 – Nothing in (y)our area

Friday 15/11/19;

2019/0493  Land Opposite Braeside Goodshawfold Road Loveclough Rossendale Lancashire Full: construction of 7 no. new dwellings with associated works and landscaping.

Friday 08/11/19 – Nothing in (y)our area

Friday 01/11/19

2019/0490 758 Burnley Road, Rawtenstall, Rossendale, Lancashire, BB4 8BH

Lawful development certificate: erection of rear dormer extension to existing building

2019 / 0473 Folly House, Goodshaw Lane, Crawshawbooth, Rossendale, Lancashire, BB4 8DW

Erection of detached dwelling

Friday 25/10/19

2019/0354  801 Burnley Road  Rawtenstall  Rossendale  Lancashire  BB4 8BW 

Conversion from motorcycle showroom to Class A3 restaurant and A4 drinking establishment with first-floor flat, including external flue and 2 storey extension to the rear  Mrs Sophie Anderson  Goodshaw 

Please note the following from RBC Planning portal and also refer to our objection guidance page which you can find HERE

You can view a planning application online, if you are unable to do this you can visit our Futures Park office where they can be viewed electronically. Our offices are open from 8.45am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Tuesday when the hours are 9.15am to 5pm). Comments received before a decision is made will be considered. Please note that officers will not respond to questions or comments made on a planning application. Any comments you make cannot be treated as confidential or kept private. Information you provide, including personal information, will be made available to others. Comments we can take into account A decision on a planning application is made by considering a number of different matters. The most important will be what the policies of the development plan for the area say about the application site and the type of development proposed. Government policy, local policies and other planning considerations will also be taken into account. These include: 

 The scale, appearance and design of the proposal 

 The effect of the proposal on the amenities of local residents, including loss of light, overlooking, loss of privacy, noise and disturbance 

 The impact of the proposal on the character of the area and whether the use is appropriate 

 The impact of the proposal on highway safety and parking 

 The impact of the proposal on nature conservation and trees 

 The effect of the proposal on the character and appearance of a conservation area. 

 The effect of the proposal on the special architectural or historic interest of a listed building. 

Comments that cannot be taken into account The Government makes it very clear that there are some things which are not planning considerations. These cannot be taken into account when we decide a planning application: 

 Loss of property value 

 Boundary disputes 

 Private matters between neighbours, such as covenants, rights of access and damage to property 

 Trade competition. 

PLEASE NOTE: in the case of a householder or minor commercial application, in the event of an appeal that proceeds by way of the expedited procedure, any representations made about the application will be passed to the Secretary of State and there will be no opportunity to make further representations. 

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